Past Exhibit

Facial Hair
14 C-prints mounted on di-bond


Nov 25th – Dec 30th 2015

Charles Clark Gallery
1345 Clark Drive, Vancouver BC


Artist’s Statement
Centred around the enthusiasm of my co-workers as they participated in the Movember fund raising effort, this body of work has grown organically over the last four years. Movember gave these men the permission to grow facial hair and try something a little wild. An enjoyment of the experience and the novelty of their appearance created a desire in these men to be photographed; it was an opportunity I could not turn down. The studio space gave them permission to act out the fantasies of their facial hair, be a little silly and have some fun.


I made the decision to not include overly cultured or perfect facial hair in this collection. These are ordinary, imperfect every-men having a brief moment of escape and role play in front of the camera. The portraits are taken quickly with sittings lasting only a few minutes each, before the exuberance of the moment fades. The post processing of the images adds a layer of gloss indulging the fantasy of the moment.


Along the way, I realized that facial hair is a common element that almost all men share despite an almost infinite diversity in expression. So in subsequent years, I’ve expanded the shoots to include men with beards and tried hard to make the range of sitters culturally inclusive.


I suspect that I will continue this work for some time to come; just ordinary dudes having a bit of fun with their facial hair.




Dominique Labrosse

Editorial, Portrait and Commercial Photographer